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United Church of Dorset and East Rupert – Dorset Vermont Weekly Bulletin

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DEACONS MEETING  There will be a meeting today at 11:30 AM.

SERRV COUNTER will be open during Coffee Hour  on Sunday, May 8th Mother’s Day for last minute gift shopping!

Rummage Sale Concession Stand Thank you!  The Christian Education committee is very grateful to EVERYONE who helped to make the concession stand a HUGE SUCCESS!  Your generosity helped to raise $1,010.95 that will be used for Christian Education projects and mission, including the Sole Hope Shoe cutting project and            the youth group’s sponsored child in Uganda through True Africa.  We are also grateful       for the generosity of the Dorset Union Store, H.N. Williams, Mrs. Murphy’s Donuts, Maplefields, Price Chopper and Shaw’s.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

CHANGE OF DATE FOR THE SUMMER SUPPER  After much planning and discussion the date of the Summer Supper has been changed to Tuesday, August 9, 2016.  Please make a note  on your calendar.

HOME CHURCH SIGN-UP CONTINUES   Robin Chandler will be in the vestry to guide   everyone to sign-up for the May 15th Home Church EventChoices are the homes of Keith Michl, Pam O’Neil and Amy Thebault.  There are a limited number of spaces at each home, so please sign-up as soon as possible.   Please join our Pastor and the  Deacons in making this Home-Church Sunday be a new success at the Dorset Church.  Home Church will begin at 10:00 AM.   We are perfectly aware that Home-church won’t be everyone’s cup of tea!  That’s why we’ll have a regular church service right here at 10 AM


Please help a family who has been a victim of disaster or displacement by donating to Church World Service (CWS).  CWS is also there in the long term to  help people with        resources and to develop their skills like  providing tools and seed to the Weenhayeh       people in the Bolivian Chaco  after their traditional fishing source dried up.  Besides            providing blankets at $10 apiece, here are some possibilities with CWS:

  • $450 –     Blanket Driveprovides refugees with tools and materials to build six vegetable plots
  • $750 –     provides sewing machines and training to three women so they can earn an income and feed their families.
  • $1,100 –  provides ten displaced families with emergency food packages to feed a family of             five for one month.

Remember to honor your Mom, Grandmother, Aunt or friend with a generous donation to Church World Service.


With a long history as a not-for-profit development director behind me, the Church invited me to join the Stewardship Committee. As a new member, I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support we receive from our community members. Pledges, both large and small, and many gifts in-kind have been donated over the past few months. Everyone contributes in their own way to keep our quaint, historical Church in a position to not only sustain itself, but to help our entire community through programs such as “Neighbor to Neighbor” and “Neighbors in Need.” Our youth group has mentored many local young         people and inspired them to achieve their dreams. This Church also regularly offers selfless support of those who are suffering, emotionally and/or physically. Being a member of this committee and sharing in the work of the Church has been eye-opening. I never would have imagined the multitude of ways the Church improves the lives and well being of our beloved community.

Our mission is almost funded, and we are asking for your help to reach our final goal. Every pledge helps, and we are so close to where we need to be. While not the American Red Cross touching all corners of the world, we are a church community accomplishing amazing things for the people in our own backyard. What could be more rewarding? Your pledges are a large part of funding our programs and helping us achieve our goals, and we greatly appreciate anything you can give. Thank you in advance for helping us reach our 2016 financial goal. What a rewarding accomplishment to be a part of!

Lori Hong

Stewardship Committee member

BCCH Wish ListWe need the following supplies to furnish at the Dorset Room at Thatcher House. Please drop them off in the office. We will make sure the Mission Committee get them.  Thanks for your generous help.



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