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United Church of Dorset and East Rupert – Dorset Vermont Weekly Bulletin (click on the bulletin picture below)

Kirkin of the Turkin

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Babies and children of all ages are invited, welcomed and encouraged in our worship services. We have a nursery available for infants through three years of age for your convenience. We have a basket in the narthex filled with children’s worship activities to use during the worship service. The nursery room is staffed with two volunteers who would be happy to care for your child while you attend worship. You may drop your children off in the nursery room at 9:45 a.m. Following the children’s sermon all children ages 4 through 7th grade are invited to go to church school . All children are to be picked up immediately after worship.


W  A  R  N  I  N  G

The members of the United Church of Dorset and East Rupert are hereby warned to meet in the church vestry on Sunday, February 5, 2017 at approximately 11:30 AM  to transact the following business:

  1. To act on the annual reports of the officers and committees of the church as prepared.
  2. To act on the proposed operating budget for 2017 as submitted by the trustees.
  3. To elect church officers and committee members for 2017.
  4. To vote on the proposed by-law change listed below.
  5. To consider any other business which may properly come before the meeting.


 Proposed Changes to the UCDER Bylaws

All proposed changes appear in red.  Original language appears in italics

Proposal submitted by: The Cabinet

Music Committee

A.  The Music Committee shall assist the Music Director in planning and implementing the music ministry of the Church, and shall support and maintain dialogue between the Music Director and the Church membership.

B. This committee shall consist of: the Music Director, nonvoting; the Member-at-Large; one member of the choir, elected by the choir; and one member selected by the Music Director.

C.  This committee shall meet as called by the Music Director, or by any two members.

 Music Committee

A.  The Music Committee shall consist of the Music Director, ex officio, one member elected by the Choir, one member elected by the Diaconate and three additional members elected at the Annual Meeting.

B.  The Music Committee shall elect a Chair from among its members, other than the Music Director, and shall meet as called by the Chair.

C.  The Music Committee shall make reports and recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding: the positions of Organist and Music Director and other music personnel; the purchase and maintenance of any musical instruments used in the Church’s music program.

D.  The Music Committee shall make reports and recommendations to the Cabinet regarding: any concerns brought before it by the Church Choir or Youth Choir; any concerns regarding music brought before it by the Member-at-large or members of the congregation.

 Love Rock Making – WE NEED HELP! – The church school will be making “Love Rocks” in the Vestry during coffee hour today and we invite you to join us!  We need all the help we can get!  We will be going on a Love Rock distribution field trip on Sunday February 19th and we are getting stocked up and prepared.  We also are in need donations of small rocks, so if you have a source, would be willing to pick some up the next time you pass a Dollar store or travel on vacation, please think of us.  We also are looking for people who would be willing to cut out small fabric hearts at home.  Please speak to Gretchen Lima or Ellen Wright, if you are interested in helping out and getting involved.  To learn more about Love Rocks, visit, Love-Rocks.org   We have distributed THOUSANDS of Love Rocks in the past few years and we are just getting warmed up, LOVE WINS!

HOSPITALITY MEETING   There will a meeting today at 11:30 AM in the Sunday School room.

STEWARDSHIP MEETING  The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 1st at 8:00 AM